Funny Natasha Leggero quotes

Love is telling someone their hair extensions are showing.

Bragging that you had sex with a prostitute is like bragging that you got Doritos out of a vending machine.

Do they give Pulitzers for tweets yet?

Getting worried there might not be enough talent in America to acommodate all these singing shows.

How are you gonna make an ‘idol’ from the type of person you’re trying to avoid in real life?

The only thing that makes me cry at weddings is the DJ’s playlist.

Why does every flight attendant seem like they are going through a divorce?

I think how tan a person is, is directly proportionate to how dumb they are.

Make a sex tape, upload it, get on a reality show, release a perfume, retire. That’s the new American dream.

Ke$ha IS the walk of shame.

Don’t be intimidated by my outfit, it’s Forever 21.

Gluten free pizza elicits the same response at a hollywood party that a pile of cocaine did in the 80’s

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