Funny Katt Williams quotes

America is a bunch o' bullies. tell me what the Iraq uniform is like. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Sit back there and say my hair ain't luxurious, when you know it is, bitch!

How do you get a job and fuck up everything! everything? Everything!

But this Mother fucker here Nigga, This shit right here nigga; This is a love seat Nigga! I can't even sit on this if I ain't in love Nigga! What Kind of shit is that!

Most people think white people can't dance. Truth is, white people be too fucked up to dance.

Buy a condom, ribbed for her pleasure. Turn it inside out, now it's ribbed for your pleasure.

A woman gets stretch marks from one of two things. Either she was big and got small or she was small and got big.

You can't even go to Heaven if you get killed by Spinach, you can't even go. You don't even know what to tell Jesus. You Just 'You know what Jesus, I did have a salad, I really Did I-- I Didn't know what I was thinking about.

You can be gangsta in good weather, These niggas were Gangsta in 99 Feet of mothafuckin' water. Nigga how is you swimming and keeping your Pistol out the water at the same time!?!

I know 50 done made it cool to get shot, ain't nothing cool about gettin' shot. I've been shot before, ain't shit cool about it. When I got shot, ain't no Music play, ain't no Bitches come out, Nothin'!

He comes back with the script, and it's racist like a 1940's Newspaper.

And the last place you wanna be, In a motherfuckin' foot race, is behind the mothafucka with no goddamn foots.

2+2=4. Damn straight. All the time, nigga all the time. Then one day this bitch just flipped the script. 3x+y=what? This bitch is still teaching. Did you know that some of them was letters?!!?

You're angry at breakfast nigga? you gangbangin' on bacon!?

Just saying ladies, stop worrying about shit that don't matter. some of you that had some babies, now you got some stretch marks, walking around the house bitter. Blaming the baby, showing the baby your highschool picture, talking about 'LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!

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