Funny Donald Glover quotes

Made the beat then murdered it. Casey Anthony.

To all my fans who’s saying Donald Glover about to blow, Just give me six months so you can say I told you so.

They say my public persona don’t have enough appeal, / I take a lesson from Kanye and give em something real

Donald Glover staying hotter than some rifle spit

I used to hate these haters, now its just the opposite

People watching me, I feel like Amber Rose’s tits

They call me a role model \ Even though my hand’s glued to that gin bottle

I change the situation like I’m auditioning for Jersey Shore.

Shit just got real like Pinocchio turds

You are human tennis elbow. You are a pizza burn on the roof of the world's mouth. You are the opposite of Batman.

That guy is just a mess, like God spilled a person.

My uncle put his finger in my no-no!

I wanna go to rehab and compare penises with famous people.

I wish I was a book. She could pick me up, flip through my pages. Make sure nobody drew wieners in me.

Me and Abed have an agreement. If one of us dies, we stage it to look like a suicide due to the unjust cancellation of Firefly.

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